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Corporate Headshots For Women

Corporate Headshot for Women

At Dallas Headshots we shoot tons of corporate women’s headshots.  And I mean tons. So I have seen the gamut run from women who show up nowhere near ready to provide what we need to do our job, all the way to women who make it not only easy but a guaranteed success. So here in this little post I want to discuss what women in the corporate world should do before they show up for a headshot session with their local headshot photographer.  I could write a long, negative post about what not to do, but to keep it upbeat and positive I thought it better / best to use my headshot for today (Susan) as an example of what to do. Susan reached out to me for a headshot she needed “yesterday” that a magazine had requested.  The magazine was on deadline and everything would be rush-rush.  We had maybe a half-dozen emails going over the formalities and Susan assured me she would take the time to go over the “Do’s and Don’ts” and the “FAQ” that I request every client view.  She showed up at my studio right on time with 2 outfits to choose from and a few combinations to go with them.  Additionally she brought a few choices for jewelry and we discussed it quickly and came up with just the right look.  Susan took about 10 minutes to freshen up her makeup and redo her hair (she had been at her office for 4 hours before the shoot.)  She looked sharp. Put together. Her clothes fit well. They were classic.  Simple pearls for the jewelry.  She was prepared and came ready to make it happen.  Her picture makes you want to do business with her, and says who she is.  It not only sells her, but sells itself.

Here are four quick “Do’s” that pertain to this post.  We can expand on these in the next post with some “Don’ts” which are a lot more fun.

1. Take two or three changes of clothing so you can experiment with contrasting colors before we begin. You only need the top half of the outfit for “head and shoulder” type headshots.

2. Ask me what color background we are using and what prime color would compliment it.

3. Tell me (before you arrive) the image you are trying to convey. What type business are you in? What is your corporate or business culture? Look at other photos of those in your company for samples to compare.

4. Dark clothes attract less attention and put the attention on your face and eyes.

So please read my “Do’s and Don’ts” linked in this post for now and we will continue the conversation in more depth next.

Sal Sessa /Dallas Headshots

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