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LinkedIn Awaits Your New Headshot

Howdy, folks.

Well, New Year is here and it is time to hit the ground running.  For those in business, these days LinkedIn is the place to be. Thing is, though? There sure a lot of folks who just do not put much thought into their headshot on the LInkedIn website. And, of course as we all know, “first impressions,” etc. So, I’m just sayin.’  We do _tons_ of headshots for LinkedIn, and much, much more.  If you are thinking your headshot needs a refresh, please feel free to call and let us show you how easy we can make it happen.  Here are a few of the hundreds we have done in the recent past.

Sal Sessa /Dallas Headshots

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Get “A Head” (shot) for 2012

Well? Where did the year go?  We have not posted much here lately, just due to time restraints, but next year will be posting more “month-by-month” recent headshots (vs. our web page) and other tidbits, here and there.  But for today, I just want to push anyone over the top if they are considering a new professional business headshot for 2012. If you want to be up and running for LinkedIn, Facebook, company archives, printed materials, PR, etc. don’t wait.  December is a great time to “get it done.”  Think sometime before the 15th. That way when January kicks in,  you are already on the ground running. Here are a few from 2011 that we grabbed as quick samples. More, later.  Sooner.

Sal Sessa /Dallas Headshots

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Headshots For Business

Folks?  These days you just “gotta have them.”   And if call to action may be one that interrupts your busy schedule, why not get it done before the call is made?  So “we’re just saying” that getting a corporate business headshot by a competent, local headshot photographer may just be the best money, and time you spend this year.  The investment is minimum if you consider that “putting a name with a face” in business may be the best advertisement “bang for the buck” you can make.  Our headshots grace the pages (online and in print) of individuals and groups of local and national companies of all sizes. Please feel free to cruise this blog page (by clicking the categories to the right) for tips on getting the best out of your business portraits, and / or tips on preparing your office staff for our visit.  We are happy to answer  any questions by phone or email at your convenience.

Sal Sessa /Dallas Headshots

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Women’s Headshots for Business


Thought we would feature a headshot we did recently for Joyce Slocum, the acting president of National Public Radio.  Joyce sought us out to replace a PR shot had been using that needed updating and we were happy to accommodate her.  We were glad to have the opportunity to help her get this done within her busy schedule and think the result was worth the effort. You can see Joyce’s review (and others) of our services here.

Sal Sessa /Dallas Headshots

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Dallas Women’s Headshots

These days a contemporary, current headshot for corporate men and women is almost a “must-have.”  If you go by the old standby that “first impressions matter”  it could not be more true than in the business world.  At our “Dallas Headshots by Sal Sessa” studio, and on location at hundreds of business offices, we shoot tons of men and women’s headshots.  So in this blog post we would like to show some some off and sample what makes a great woman’s headshot.

We have a whole list of “Do’s and Don’ts” on our web page, which easily cover the basics. But it’s nice, we think, to have a look at some of the “headshot all stars” we have picked out who really show up looking good.   We won’t say much here as we would rather let the photos speak for themselves

We provide a lot of examples of our work on our website and even give a “month by month” version just to let viewers see monthly work in progress.  Clients can always call and discuss their plans or needs by phone: 214-683-6363 or by simply emailing us by the “contact us” button on our home page.

Sal Sessa /Dallas Headshots

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