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Garden Delights

Had a lot of fun this Saturday evening shooting some photos for the Four Seasons Hotel (Las Colinas) of Chef Katie Natale who has put together a garden right outside of the “Cafe On The Green” restaurant at the hotel.  The garden itself is about a year old, and Katie tends to it nightly, collecting fresh herbs and spices to include with food on the menu.  This was a fun shoot for us, as we have had the pleasure of working with Katie before and she is a person that is great to photograph and easy to work with.  She has a lot of instinct for what makes a good photo, and is very patient with my “just one more” routine!  So, just thought we would share a few photos from the shoot here on the blog.

Sal Sessa /Dallas Headshots

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Headshots with Personality

Hello, ya’ll.  Just a quick note to show a bit of a headshot shoot we had the other day with Kerry.  Of course we did the typical “corporate headshots” for Kerry but toward the end, once we knew we “had it in the bag” we loosened up and had some fun.  Since Kerry is a professional speaker and sales trainer we asked to do a bit of gesturing for the camera, which she found hilarious. While she was expressing her opinion of our request we grabbed this little shot that we became quite happy with.  So sometimes it’s great to just “let it go” a little bit and let the personality show itself which in this case ended up being a fun and spontaneous shot.  These, IMHO are always the best of the bunch.

Sal Sessa /Dallas Headshots

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Headshot Window Light

Don’t you love it? For all the gear we photographer’s schlepp trying to attain our portrait goals sometimes the best lighting is free and right there in front of us.  The other day we were at the Dallas Four Seasons Hotel again.  This time we were at the “Sports Club of Las Colinas” next door finishing up an assignment of member “Club Champs” for a wall of prints inside the Sports Club.  So we noticed this big, floor-to-ceiling double-door that looked like it could provide a nice, even light source for the portrait.  So, we grabbed an available staffer “Erica” who was nice enough to sit-in for us while we readied the shot for the client (who was about ten minutes away from arriving.)  Of course, Erica was somewhat resistant as she was a bit taken-back, not being ready to have her picture made, etc.  But, as you can see, the results are beautiful. The window-light is just stunning.  Soft, even and totally complimentary.  For this type of shot we used the same exact (camera / lens / tripod /slow exposure, etc.) setup as the one in the post below, but _without_ any (yes, any) lighting. Just a quick post to share how nice a portrait can be without thousands of dollars worth of lighting gear.  Of course, we got lucky and found it there.  Does not always work that way.  Just another tool to tuck away, and a “head’s up” to look for.

Sal Sessa /Dallas Headshots

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Corporate Headshots On Location

Had some fun shooting Merideth (above) at the Four Seasons Hotel (Dallas) the other day.  Thought we would post this shot as a good example of how to do a nice headshot on location with minimum gear.  For this shot all that was used was one Nikon Speedlight in a Photoflex Octabox.  We did go “triple soft” meaning the Octabox has a diffusion panel inside and the Speedlight has a diffusion dome as well.  This type of shot is a bit tricky as it s _really_ shallow Depth-Of-Field (like, F 3.3) and a very slow (for portraits, at least) shutter speed, (1/15th of a second.)  For this type of shot we used ISO 400 just to give us a bit higher shutter speed (need all the help you can get, and  with Nikon D3 camera you can actually get away with it.)  Subject just has to “hold still” and focus point has to be “on the eye(s.)  BTW, we shoot these loose, so clients can go horizontal or square. With so many clients using our stuff for Facebook , and LinkedIn it just makes sense and adds value to the package.  So, just a bit of techno-mumbo-jumo on this little “environmental portrait” this week.

Sal Sessa /Dallas Headshots

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Headshot Backgrounds

Thought I would post regarding the backgrounds we have available for in-house and on location headshots.  These are all, really beautiful Denny Manufacturing canvas or flex type backgrounds which look their best a bit out of focus (as you can see by the side-by-side samples.)  When you come to our studio for your headshot we can switch a few of these out, time permitting (usually two) but for location shoots normally bring the one we agree on in advance.  Hope this helps those clients considering a visit or an office shoot with us.

Sal Sessa /Dallas Headshots

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